What We Believe

home is a feeling

Comfort is as much physical as it is emotional. A fluffy bed can offer the invitation you need to feel like your comfiest self. We’re working towards a world where you can have everything you need to make a home—from the sheets on your bed to the rugs beneath your feet—and to feel more at home, too.

home is our earth

But while helping you create yours, we can’t ignore the home we all share—earth! Just thinking about climate change makes us feel the opposite of comfortable, safe, and calm. And we know that the only way we can rest easy, is by learning to recycle, reconsume, and rethink our processes.

“Here’s a comfy thought: Compared to cotton and down bedding, we’ve recycled 10 million bottles (and counting!), conserved over 150 million gallons of water, and avoided harming over 2 million geese.”