Safe Synthetic Dyes

Rich color—minus harmful chemicals!

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Our design team searched far and wide for dye methods that could deliver the bold, vibrant colors we were inspired by in Mother Nature—like technicolor Hawaiian reefs, superbloom fields, and redwood forests. The trouble? Most required toxic chemicals and wasteful processes to achieve. But you know what they say about “try, try again?”


Saturated color, minus the nasty stuff.

What are synthetic dyes, you ask? In a nutshell: Colored substances, sometimes called “colorants,” designed to stick to all manner of textiles and materials—unlike natural dyes, which are pretty picky about how they adhere to surfaces. Traditionally resource-intensive, new engineering efforts have led to more efficient methods that use less water, energy, and toxic chemicals while delivering major color quality and performance!


Closed Loop Comfort

Our goal? A closed loop supply chain by 2030.

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